• The Power of Light

    The Power of LIght

    A child from Abra Malaga Peru in the Andean mountains enjoys her studies, using a headlamp charged with the bucket generator installed during the summer of 2013. Visit our blog to learn more about the project: http://www.five-gallon-bucket-hydroelectric.org/blog/

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    A Modified Toyota Truck Alternator is a Powerful Thing When Energy is Scarce

    The generator uses a Toyota alternator modified with permanent magnets. The conversion can be done in small workshops in developing countries by artisans with basic skills.

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    Made almost entirely from locally sourced materials, the FIve Gallon Bucket Hydroelectric Generator can be part of an energy scheme that uses local talent to manufacture and maintain the generator.

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    Thomas Decker leads the team during the installation of the hydroelectric generator at Abra Malaga Peru

    Getting to the site with the materials for the installation was a challenge. Some of the materials were brought to the site with horses… others had to be brought in by the team. Visit our blog to read more about the project:  http://www.five-gallon-bucket-hydroelectric.org/blog/

  • Family in Abra Malaga, Peru

    Work and Study at Night

    A communities’ productivity and the future of its young people are enhanced by the ability to work and study at night. Charging stations powered by the Five Gallon Bucket Hydroelectric Generator charge LED headlamps, radios and cell phones. Visit our blog to learn more about the project: http://www.five-gallon-bucket-hydroelectric.org/blog/  

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    The New Toyota Alternator Based Permanent Magnet Alternator

    The original bucket generator used an expensive General Motors based permanent magnet alternator (PMA) built in the States. The new generators built for Abra Malaga Peru use the Toyota based PMA developed be Sam Redfield in Guatemala. The Nippondenso alternator that we now use is perhaps the most common alternator in use worldwide and can […]

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    The Installation in La Florida Guatemala

    The installation in La Florida Guatemala provided a short term solution to the communities broken hydroelectric plant. The cell phones for the entire community(around 20 phones) and my camera and  i-pod were fully charged in about an hour! The generator and penstock at La Florida.    The community looks on.   See Sam Redfield’s account […]

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    Generators Ready for Installation in Abra Malaga Peru

    The generators that we built this summer in Peru were made almost entirely from locally sourced materials. The new Toyota Alternator-based permanent magnet alternator (PMA) was used in their construction. The only materials that we brought from the States were the permanent magnets used in the alternator. Next time we do an installation we hope […]

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    The importance of access to communications for a rural community

    Cell phones have become an increasingly important tool for remote agrarian communities. Access to market information helps a farmer get the best price for  their produce, banking is made easier with cell phones, family  in distant cities are brought closer, and medical services and information are made more accessible. Small agrarian communities without access to […]